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  1. 用力放松,好好睡一觉,晚安~
  2. 日常3
  3. 110417

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  4. sing it for japan

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  5. 世界铁哥们儿日…
  6. 发现和邪社有喵友链接——“acg博客社区”
  7. 无聊死=.=
  8. 一些人去三国杀了 寝室里就我一个活人
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  10. [link url=""]这些都是谁?
  11. 总是在想些乱七八糟的东西
  12. 早安人类
  13. 哦漏

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  14. 然后他给我发了一个那女生的相片 我略微淡定了
  15. 某个哥们被女生追,最后从了。。。
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  17. ktv神马完全不是我的地盘啊 求推荐易学易唱秒杀众生农业重金属
  18. 求翻译:The organs of the Establishment, however well-intentioned they may be and whatever their form, have a vested interest in ensuring that the public boat is not violently rocked and will so affect those who work within the mass media that they will be led insensibly towards forms of production which,though they go through the mentions of dispute and enquiry ,do not break through the skin to where such enquiries might really hurt.
  19. 考研是一种修行
  20. 学校还开着暖气!