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  1. Excuse me may I help you oh last trainNo no No.It's Guangzhou to DaliOh I can Manager you Don't worry It have the last train,wait.No the choice(广佛城巴)Oh this oneYou see Guangzhou dao Dali Take taxi at Dali (to your hotel)///Excuse me may I help youIt's time to last train That bus no number that name just Guangzhou to Dali Please wait a moment I can manage youThe last train Immediate Look bus came The one to Dali if at terminal that you can take taxi to your hotel.k///
  2. Sanyanqiao ancient bridge

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  3. Father watch newspaper and mother cooking dinner,the son say,dad you have a industrious wife of beautiful and wonderful and make money quit well. Dinner time,the son say to mother,Mum,look !what are you find that ass guy.
  4. Today I recommend a film 'HOME' (no subtitle)what are you wanting for we are The world we are the children
  5. Just a subtitle ,not only subtitlestomdotk: [link url=""]
  6. Hi buddy please slowly 广州?广州哪个地方,白云区 k take No.7 busAnd to metro station This 里07if gone to metro station all the men will off bus k ,rod
  7. In diverse worldview, everyone has otherwise-minded of complexities .If one person who all the time in good faith and goodwill that his life will full of positive energy.
  8. Hello excuse me would you like tell me where you are goWhere are you goingBy bus Number 12 1112You know OK
  9. 自曝没意思,曝曝智能电视机

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  10. Time wait for no one
  11. I can do it with my eyes closed!
  12. First pass transcript

    [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] First pass The Old Man and the Sea
  13. 音箱,耳机

    [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] [img src="" width="810" height="1080"] 音箱怎么说,音箱 / yīn xiāng /
    loudspeaker box; voice box
    音箱 / yīn xiāng /
    2耳机 headset
  14. All time is no time when is pasted
  15. Speech:Donald Trump watch party US presidential election

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  16. Hello gorgeous may I help you?Here not to there ,now is late Tomorrow can take No,here not tomorrow notDo you busy to there zhanjiangDo you need book railway or air planeYes this bus opposite the roadYes the bus express to Guangzhou The first trip at sixYes six O'clock At the entrance right
  17. Then when luck comes you're ready
  18. I am here

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  20. nothing to see go away go away

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