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  1. First seen the snow,and gone with the wind something like that I don't have snowing world is fantasy oh well I'm glad to see
  2.   ☆A big black bug bit the back of a big black bear. The big black bear bit back the big black bug.
  3. Hello excuses me You need go the street (sidewalk)and goto thereThere is a store Would you like tell me where you are goingRailway station Guangzhou railway station Ok but this is slow busFast bus(express) over there Crossing the road and go to there two hundred meters There is a bank and a stop No problem OK
  4. tomdotk  2015-12-09 21:35My Vivid Memoryone thing in my Deep memory that i came home from Guangzhou by foot.when i was a boy i like to guangzhou city .i used to guangzhou by bike or ship .1992,the first Bus throught guangzhou to my town. that is my first time take Bus to guangzhou . i goto the nanfang building。I spendt all money that left one yuan take Bus.But something unfortune to happen.Bus is too crowded to take and this is guangzhou only one Bus to my town.just that.I decide goto home by foot .this trip spend my five hours.and met a man to shunde by foot in the way .time is PM 9:30 ,i back to parents worry about all night.
  5. Omg I did hiddened.
  6. Sorry I didn't know.go this street and turn left.
  7. How can we do that replied
  8. daily

    [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] [img src="" width="640" height="853"] Today I went to tit Create industrial park
    Do you know tit what's mean
    There's textile industry.almost textile company . It haven't anything to
    see.ofcause ,there are many restaurant .
    Coworkers restaurant. 12:00.There are crowd out of the gate. I asked someone who seated under tree.Do you know what there any activities . No nothing no idea,he replied.
    I went back around and asked someone who in the line,anything will !she replied,here just our embarrassed
    I had a good meal filled my stomach At the Textile Machinery Plant coworker Restaurant.

    Meal is satisfaction.price is reasonable.soup within more meat total 羊18only

    Of cause there are some others company. Like you remember that wechat be know as conquer.1 billion customers only 446 days

    Conclusion that isn't anything to see and no design. The Textile Machinery Plant is worth to see only.[图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片][图片]
  9. hi I am come back
  10. [link url=""] 请慷慨捐助
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  12. i love being with you bring you tremendous joy
  13. Today,inthis open social more and more people ,more and mor things came to China .Fashion intustry will become a larger market.
  14. Why I Dislike Big CityThere are a lots citys biger than biger.But I realize dislike it.I used to yearn for city where are most people and most excited things.But I discover ‘City only the noise’ one day.So I was dislike city;even big city.If live in ten thousand years ago,Human would live simple at forest for eating sleeping and gather. That is all,So simple is good for body.But today All of city have tens of thousands of population. It’s large quantities of grain. It’s easy to spread diseases.At the other hand,most people compete with each other that pressure under each person.And the noise full everywhere,not only the sound but also information.So I dislike big city .I rather stay at hometown, a small town at a small house.
  15. What Kind of the Job Shall I Look ForI would find a technological work of research and discover . It need learn more english resource , so I study hard with english . Today ,science and technology grew up quick . It need plenty engineers . Do you know why had telephone , computer and more excited things . Today looks like this nor that . It ' s Industry Revolution . It ' s technology growth .There is a Documentary ‘The Men Who Built America’.It’s said, Railroads have replaced wagon trails to unite the nation. And the country's cities stand tall on steel. First Kerosene transformed the night. And now electricity is about to light homes from coast to coast.So I would become a technician . I believe I would invent something. I can open the door with technology . I can fly !
  16. The Dream

    Everyone sometimes has a dream insleep. The dream is so vague that you  will forget it when you wake up.But I remeber dreams clear in morning .One day,I was pain when waking  up .A cat bit my shoulder which made me pain.And it askd me for food;if I refused,it would bite me.I gave catfood to him ,it eated funny.Oh god!If it order catfood,the cat would bite me.I don't konw what time it was gone but it followed me everytime.I hate it ,it is pain but I can bear.But what time it would go I don't know.How many times it would bite me I don't know.Today,I made a decision.I shouted it:'I don't give food to you even you  bite me.' The cat attacked me with roar and  bite my shoulder again.I bear it,I bear it,the cat starved to death in the end. I laughed wake up in dawn.

  17. recommend

    Well,I recommend a place which is tianzifang .That isn't scenic spots. There is an art center.Many artisits live  there.You will find lots of art  exhibition.Long time ago there was a factory. Artisits found there.You know. Artisits have special eyes .They will find the special places. For example 798 it was state-owned electronic industrial old plant 1933 it was a slaughterhouse 红专厂 Redtory it was a canned food factory in 1960s 小洲村 it has been a ancien village I veay push there places of art.I think you can to come there have a look and find out your where interested.There is not permanent . 798 1933 红专厂 小洲村 田子坊 btw:mytown myhome'Yanbu' . There is a macth factory. there will be an art center in the future.
  18. Electric Automobile Age Thought

    These days ,state had advanced electric automobile with some policy . They    encouraged personto buy electric automobile . Author be aware of that the        electric automobile age is coming .
     In this time ;if all of the companies action follow and cooperate.Author          believe that the electric automobile will be increased very well .For instance ,power   supply company action build the clean energy like wind , solar ,               fusionand fission;And it hard work build the intelligently electric grid .          Immovable property action build infrastructure for charging . Automobile company build power charging workshops. State allow the underdevelopment to build clean electric station ; on this basis, it will be built uptown and     mall around there where will be the central of city in the future.  
  19. My Mother

    My mother is an industrious  rural woman.She has been working hard for home. She hold the family's finance.I remembered that she kept the money from father. At pay day,dad gave mum 300 .He kept 50;or 50(Poor dad) My mother hold everything.If she let you do something , you must  do  it with no excuse.Otherwise she would constantly repeat and get angry . She will be happy if  you do it in the end.For  example,she will make soup , you must drink it.The whole month,she made soup everyday . I only drank it  whole in such days. revise by :Mr. Li
  20. My First Computer

    My first computer was IBM386 when I graduated in high school In 1996. It can run DOS622,It can mount CD-ROM.It cost me ¥450 .But there was no display.until January 1997.My friend and I went to Tianhe region.We  bring a 14" color display.It cost me ¥300。OK,I can type my first program."Hello World". Although it is poor operational capability.I used it to study to type,DOS ,Basic, and all of computer's knowledge. Sometimes study is difficult but I never give up .Because knowledge is power.