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  1. my first computerMy first computer is IBM386 when I had graduated in high school.In 1996.It can run DOS622,It can mount CD-ROM.It cost me ¥450 .But no display.untill January 1997.My friend and I went to Tianhe region by moto.Bring back a 14" color display.It cost me ¥300。OK,i can type my first program."Hello World".Although it is poor opertional capability.I used it study type,DOS ,Basic, and all of computer's knowledge. Sometimes studied is difficult but I never give up study because knowledge is power.
  2. daily I got a bike from my mother.saddle isn't comfortable. brakes is none . gear is loose. pedals is lost and weld a block iron.central axis is creak.omg ,how she to ridding.I pick it up to the gear brakes and central axis.spend me twenty yuan RMB that is my cowork give me for to fill in at work for him one hour.thanks he.btw:i didn't havea penny at all.
  3. bbc radio this time
  4. there is wheel at you front . round the wheel . rotate rotate rotate clockwise rotate anti clockwise rotate rotate rotate clockwise rotate rotate rotate
  5. i study english all day there days , exam is near
  6. Huh,we don't go to picnic next weekend ,i am reget that you fire the exam.
  7. i has a pair of big eyes , something fall in , annoy . #(开心)
  8. with my heathly .i choice the sport is ride bike.last year.i ride bike over 30 minutes a day.i go to other towns by ,i am go to bus stop 20 minutes by bike ,at the bus stop,i will take bus go to company.
  9. i' am freezing [link url=""]
  10. dailyThere are two mothers and two children sit two seats.
  11. one mother take two children get on bus . she let the children site and she stand on, she also take two bags and two schoolbags . there is a seat but she did n ' t site down . she look at road that there is a old man pull the trike with heavy thing . ' you see . what a poor man , he never go to school and do this work . you need go to school . ' she said to her children . she stand on all time . she said look care her children . but i did n ' t look her teach children . it is only order and thread .
  12. Fan,How to work

    Fan have two parts that motor  and fan‘s flabellum.Swicth power and contact electron.Motor will whirl and drive the flabellem.The air will from  back to front by the fan. So  you will get comfortable and cool.
  13. just a lyric:I'm selling out tonight
  14. ouch what is pr2e?

    Thanks Clancy.he tell me  this is nantian printer. But , I look for all the resource in the internet,none drivers can driver this printer.It said that is oki  or ibm virtual. but  it's not  oki or ibm(ibm9055 "not driver")  OfficialDocuments  [link url=""] "4. 在Windows环境下使用PR2E。" tips:no any directions. only write "PR2E" on the Panel ( data line is usb2lpt1)  setting print tips:changjiang IBM virtual is  IBM9055 not only oki's driver but also  olivetti not to driver ,and the Documents point,use LPT1 port is wrong。It can't move。select “ usb virtualprinter port for usb” intheend epson LQ-1600K is ok.   thatisall. 
  15. dailythe weather is warm.bus is crowded and busy .a man said on the bus.he was born in 1936.but drivers said he was fifty-nine like.he said his father ninety-nine,he will more than one hundred and ten years .Spirit attitude is very important. A woman just lose a bag at bus.she take a moto chased the bus.she just leave bus because crowded and busy.she said her just buy two gold Necklaces at the bag.she said her lost 5 yuan take the moto .what a bustling with noise day.
  16. just take a shower,warm,clean and confortable.what a nice day!
  17. one talkAre you a driver?No.I am a security.
  18. Daily

     Mum and son take on the bus. son sit down :  "Mum! there is a seat." " Mum stand on here. mum is superman."  "Mum!i am superman too."  "ya wait you grow up ,you guard mum, baby!
  19. dailyThere is classic act at the bus on yesterday.There is a little girl,hold the phone ,support the headphone ,left hand take a candy satisfaction with her.
  20. How a nice day ! I will win for days. (write with acorss three Subject)